If You Haven't Figured It Out Already.....

I have a few irons in the fire, I am expecting and I am opening a new club. The club is perched nicely atop a mountain and designed to look like an old fashioned speakeasy. I am planning on having live performances every Friday and Saturday night and events Monday thru Thursday. I even plan to be one of the live events myself (singing). I hope to be able to book others to perform as well.
I have been having a blast planning and furnishing the club and it has turned out quite amazingly if I may say so myself. I even put in a VIP gambling area for all the club VIPs.
As for the other matter, I have two weeks to go before Erbo and I can welcome little Alia into the world of SL. It is interesting the way the pregnancy AO works and I have had a blast dealing with it.
Ah before I forget. Erbo is in the for the shock of his life when he gets back from his trip. I will keep you posted on that.

But for now I bid you Adieu.


"Buddy, if you look into a blue diamond, you won't think a negative thought ."
Annie Wilson (Cate Blanchett) to Buddy Cole (Giovanni Ribisi) before she finds out that his father had a blue diamond tattooed above his private area. Interesting movie.
The Gift (2000)


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