You Oughtta Be In Pictures.....

It appears that I am developing the nack for being in the right place at the right time or something. I popped into the Ahern Welcome Center the other night for lack of anything better to do since this was after Erbo had left for the evening and I was bored or maybe it was that morning. Anyway that is neither here nor there. I just tp in and while everything is rezzing, I recieve a IM asking me to play the bride in a Machima movie. At first I think it is a joke and ask "What's in it for me?" but she (Galatea Shi) has and answer for me and every question I throw at her comes back with a valid answer. So once I have established that it is not a porn and not a joke I am like why the hell not? I tell her ok and she is cool. So I had to be at location at 1 pm SLT today.
Thus begins the Comedy of Errors. First the vid guy does not show and Galatea has to scramble for a replacement (thank you Susi Spicoli). Then the original dress that they wanted to film in is totally gone and we have to hunt to find a suitable replacement (got an awesome one from Rebel Hope Designs and it will be available for resale in Don't Panic! Designs). But once that is all taken care of we get down to brass tacks and start filming and thankfully that goes relatively smoothly.
I will post the finish product here as soon as Galatea makes it available from her web program.
All in all I am having a blast, since I am typing this in between takes. LOL
See ya in the funny papers.



At 8/26/2006 9:48 PM, Blogger Erbo Evans said...

Can't wait to see the finished movie! And you're as beautiful a bride as you were on our wedding day...:-)


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