When RL Attacks......

Well are taking a short venture into a realm of reality known as the Real Life Zone.
Why is it that men will sometimes say one thing and then flip the script on you when it suits them? My RL husband is famous for that. I discussed all aspects of SL with him when I used HIS credit card to sign up for the game. We spent 30 minutes going through the whole website and discussing all possible fees. Then when I went to purchase my half of the land that the house sits on, I discussed the land purchase with him and again I told him about the tier fees and what the total charges from LL would be. He was totally cool with that and understood what my reason for purchasing the land was. So explain to me why today he wigs the freak out and demands that I lose the tier at the risk of losing the game entirely! That is total BS! I have managed to talk him down and have to get rid of 512 sq m of land which will drop about US$3 off the total tier that I am paying. The ultimate in cockiness though comes when I tell him that I should blog this and he says "Go ahead."
Gotta love my hubby. :-)


P.S. You also have to be grateful for understanding friends. I am glad to have made a few of those. :-)


At 8/03/2006 12:07 PM, Blogger Erbo Evans said...

We may not know why he did what he did, but the fact remains that he did, and events will now proceed from that point.

I'm just glad we seem to have found a workable solution.

At 8/04/2006 7:33 AM, Blogger Reina Quine said...

He's -forbidding- you from spending an extra $3US per month? Is this some sort of Gorean partnership? :O

At 8/04/2006 9:59 PM, Blogger Valorna said...

Hey love, I was glad we were able to fix this...but a special message for your RL hubby....3 bucks is a pathetic thing to wig over.

At 8/05/2006 6:50 AM, Blogger Dani said...

And I say "Thou knowest not my hubby. He is the biggest penny pincher around and can make copper wire from a penny when it suits him." I knew he was a miser but jeesh, sometimes he surprises me with his miserly ways. On the other hand he can be a die hard romantic and just show up with flowers or a card for no reason. So in his defense he is a good guy with his own indiosyncracies and quirks. But he we all have them. :-)


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