What Dreams May Come

I dream of a drama-free existance in SL. Pipe dream, right? It seems like drama lurks around every corner and in every shadow. I have been caught up in so much drama in the past month that it has annoyed me to the point that I don't even know how to respond anymore. I have become cold and distant to those who were involved in the drama and avoid the areas where the drama was centered. I have also discovered that there are several forms of drama, at least in my humble opinion.

He said-she said Drama
This is where the first person (A) involved contacts the second person (B) involved and makes up some bullshit about the third person (C) involved who doesn't realize what the hell is going on. A will contact B with the lies and twisted statements that supposedly came from C, who still is at the moment oblivious to what is going on since this all tends to occur in IM. This leads to a very pissed off B contacting C, who is still oblivious, and tearing them a new asshole. Now C is wondering what the hell is going on and A is sitting back watching the fireworks. This type of drama tends to destroy friendships because B is generally caught in the middle and doesn't know who to believe and C is trying to get the license plate of the Mack truck that just blindsided them. C is also trying to re-evaluate their friendship with A and B because they know one of them is lying but can't tell which one. And A is busy looking for the next victim.

Why Me Drama (AKA As Poor Me Syndrome)
This is where person A will IM person B to talk about how miserable they are and why all this stuff seems to happen to them and them alone. They don't want to take any advice on how to make things better in their lives they just want to piss, moan and be miserable. They will barely get a word in edgewise and they want you to tell them "yeah that really sucks for you" which only provides a new road for them to piss and moan down. They are the rain cloud in your SL day and you really want to tell this person to just go play in traffic but you down. You just sit and listen to them piss and moan and then you feel shitty for the next few hours because they have put a damper on your freaking day. Well you know what they say "Misery loves company," so next time I think I will tell the person to go play in traffic and leave me alone. Then again maybe not.

Buddy Spare A Dime Drama
This is generally perpetrated by newbies with no manners and generally after you point them in the direction of newbie assistance. It normally starts with an IM that says "Hi" and after you respond the next statement you recieve is "Can I borrow X amount of Lindens?" Now the last person to IM like that I told them to go and buy there own. They told me that they did not have a credit card to purchase their own Lindens to which I responded "Well sorry I am not a bank." After that I closed the IM window and went on about my business. But begging newbies are everywhere and not all of them are discreet about their begging. I have seen them in the middle of nightclubs asking people for money and going on about how new they are. Now there are some newbies that I have given Lindens to newbies but this was generally because they were very polite and they did not ask for anything. On top of that they were grateful to recieve the Lindens that they were given.

These are just a few for right how I have some others that will be listed in another post but right now it is Pumpkin Time and I am about to face plant yon keyboard.


"The truth is out there."
Fox Mulder, FBI
The X-Files


At 8/29/2006 4:20 AM, Blogger Pat said...

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At 8/29/2006 10:46 AM, Anonymous Skye Galileo said...

Heaven knows there is enough drama that can potentially happen, even in SL, without people going out of their way to create it! Too much RL leaking into SL inevitably will lead to drama...and I'm not talking about discussing news events, or sharing small tidbits about RL events...I'm talking about running the kind of drama that people know is bad even in RL here in SL.

Maybe we could declare certain areas of certain sims "NO DRAMA ZONES"--check the drama at the door, come on in, laugh...love...live...and for heaven's sake, enjoy yourself!

At 8/29/2006 10:49 AM, Blogger Erbo Evans said...

One thing I hate is comment spammers. (See comment from "Pat" above, if Danielle hasn't already deleted it...)

But I doubt we'll ever be free of these kind of people...especially #3 since LL did away with the basic stipends.

Aside from that, Blue Skye is, of course, right...pity there's no "parcel drama restrictions" flag we can enable on our land.

At 8/29/2006 5:56 PM, Blogger Dani said...

Erbo, I very seldom delete comment spammers but I do not respond to them either. I find them pathetic.

Blue Skye, I find that even if there were drama restict zones it would still find a way to filter into our lives. With drama you must remember "Where there is a will, there is a way."


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