Pause For The Cause

I want to reflect for a moment on everything that has happened since I took the fateful plunge back in June and signed up for a Second Life account. I created my AV with the intention of just poking around and seeing what I could see. At that moment I thought that this would be like a few of the other sites that I had come across where everyone was just out for a piece and looking to score.
When I got to the Welcome Center I still wasn't too sure of what I had come across but I was starting to warm to the idea. I figured that any game which took the time to help you customize yourself couldn't be all that bad. I have played Galaxies, Everquest and Eve before and I had never put this much work into customizing my AV before. I had become quite board with The Sims2 and all of the expansion packs as well. It was different to say the least.
After leaving the Welcome Center I was dropped in a hub and pretty much left to fend for myself. LOL After 4 days of teleporting and hitting ban wall after ban wall I was about to say the hell with it and just delete the account and look for something else to get into. I guess it must have been fate or something because this time when I tp'd I didn't hit a ban wall, I ran into Shockwave and thus began what would become the me I am now. (That doesn't sound right to me either, but whatever, you get the point.)
Now being a rather analytical, inteligent person, I assumed that this would be a chat room with pretty pictures, but it has become so much more. It is a community with people who love and care about each other. It is people who have their own lives and problems and issues and need somewhere were than can put all that aside and be free for a while. Purely understandable. It is for all intents and purposes at the risk of sounding corny, a second life. I have grown to care about the people that are my friends and I care about their happiness and well-being. Never in a million years did I expect that Chris's sudden death would have affected me the way that it, but I bawled like a baby. It was my RL hubby that reminded me, "there was truly another person at the end of that AV and it is understandable that you cared about the person."
I have come to find that I enjoy being in SL and the people that help to populate this world. I have come across a few not so nice people but for the most part my experience has been enjoyable. I doubt that I will ever be as Iconic as Torley Linden or Tateru Nino, but I am having fun creating my own slice of heaven.
For the people that I have met on my travels and have become a big part of my life as well as my friend (and you know who you are) I say thank you. Thank you for being a friend and a companion.
Then there are the special friends, the ones I hold dear to my heart (and they know who they are), you are the reason that I log into SL. You hold that charm that leaves me wondering "what are you going to do now?" You help make SL a magical, fun and friendly place.
I never imagined that I could care about a person I never met, and I have always been one to judge, for lack of a better word, a person based on their actions and who they were and never what they looked like. I guess in some extent, SL is an extension of that belief, which bothers me not.
Overall, I have found my experience to be enjoyable and reccommend SL to everyone from my roommate to my academic advisor (who promises that she will be on eventually) to my husband (who won't play because it is not Sim City). I don't think that I have made a name for myself or anything to that extent. I am just a girl in the world and I am having fun.


--Take this pink ribbon off my eyes
I'm exposed
And it's no big surprise
Don't you think I know
Exactly where I stand
This world is forcing me
To hold your hand

Cause I'm just a girl, oh little ol me
Well don't let me out of your sight
Oh I'm just a girl, all pretty and petite
So don't let me have any rights
Oh....I've had it up to here!

Just A Girl
No Doubt


At 8/12/2006 4:02 PM, Anonymous Shockwave Plasma said...

Dani is so impressive that King Philip came looking for her for help,and who says being brought up by wolfes is a bad idea?


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