Internet Update

So Comcast came out to fix the internet only to discover (gasp) that the problem is wholly on their end and that they have to get a line tech out here because the line from the company to my home is defective. IT TAKES THEN FOUR MONTHS TO TELL ME SOMETHING I TOLD THEM FOUR FUCKING MONTHS AGO!!!! Ok so now I have to wait another 24 to 72 hours for them to completely fix the problem but they "understand that it is a critical issue and will do their best to have it fixed soon". Yeah, whatever. Any way I am not holding my breath and I am counting the days (3) until A T & T gets the DSL up and running. I am four miles away from the DSL home office and therefore my signal and service will be true customer service and not this Comcast lip service that I have been recieving. Right now I could not care if I moved to Alaska and Comcast was the only provider for internet. I would go to Sprint and buy their internet card and pay $98 a month rather that put up with Comcast's lack of service ever again. They have permanantly lost a customer and if anyone asks me to recommend a company it won't be them.

Here's to waiting for reliable service. :-)


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At 8/21/2006 4:38 PM, Blogger Erbo Evans said...

Gad. Why does Comcast in Chicago suck so badly, and yet Comcast in Denver can be so trouble-free? This is one of the Great Mysteries of Life.

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