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This whole post is just going to be a rant, mostly because I am pissed and mostly cause I want some other opinions on how to deal with this situation.

After Erbo left I was hanging out with Val and another person who shall remain nameless seeing as how he is part of the problem. Now this person is very shy and generally will talk in IM. He is also very sensitive or so he seems. And he has a habit of mapping me when he is bored, without warning. So after hanging out with him for a bit Val and I left and went to heaven to take pictures (one of them is the picture above). Well the other half of the problem signed on and IMd me so I sent a tp. After all it was just Val and me and we could use a little male input on the pictures that we were taking. Well I am taking my shots and listening to what is going on around me. Val takes Problem #2 to show him the gallery that she is setting up while Problem #1 stayed to watch. No worries there the shots are not over the top and I am fully clothed as evident.
Well I finish up and look around a bit since the place has changed some and some of the pose balls are new. Problem #1 is constantly IMing me with random comments and statements like "Life is cruel and hurtful and mean" or something like that. I tell him that is not true and he says in his eyes it is. I tell him that life is what you make and that "What does not kill you, makes you stronger" (F. Neitsche) and that therefore life is a challenge. He agrees and says nothing more at that moment, then he starts in with asking a few random silly questions.
Now for most of the evening I have been wondering about him because he had earlier asked some really invasive questions to which I gave him some rather terse answers. He had also made some oddball comments that were a little over the top. At one point he wanted to know how far my relationship with Erbo went and when I asked him "Why?" he changed the subject. Weird stuff like that. So anyhoo, Val and Problem #2 come back and we are just standing around and #1 is still IMing me with his random musings, when out of nowhere he IMs me that he is not wanted here and he is leaving. I am like WTF? I ask him who said that and he doesn't answer me. I look at chat history and there is nothing there. So I ask the other two people there if one of them told him to leave. By now I am smelling a ploy. Both of them answer in the negative and I am willing to let it go BUT, Problem #2 decides to become a problem and get upset. He tps out of there like a bat out of hell. Now, all this time the who said it question that I posed to #1 has not been answered and when I get home he IMs me and tells me that he doesn't mean any harm. I tell him that I chewed everyone in Heaven out for telling him to leave. He is shocked and begs me to tell him that I did not do that. Hook, Line..... I tell him that I don't like meanness and no one had a right to tell him to leave if he wasn't doing anything. It is not their property and they can't make him. He starts backpeddaling telling me that he doesn't want to be a tattle tale and all this BS. No name yet. By this time, I have #2 in another IM window going on about how he didn't say anything and that he never said anything. I tell him to forget it and that I am going to bed. This brain child tells me that I am accusing him of being a liar!!!! Nowhere in ANY of my IMs to him did I say that. I told him to forget about it and go to bed. At this moment, #1 comes up with a name, #2's name to be exact.
Hook, Line and Sinker kiddies!!
The ploy has been revealed. It appears that I have one friend trying to play me off the other because apparently one friend does not like the other. So Problem #1 is going to do whatever it takes to piss me off and turn me against Problem #2 and vice versa. What neither of them fail to realize is that in the end neither of them will have me for a friend because they are BOTH going to piss me off. Why? Because my two pet peeves are lying and false accusations. So far tonight it appears that both are being committed. Someone is lying and #2 falsely accused me of saying that he was lying.

So that is where the story ends for the moment. If you recognize anyone, keep it to yourself, I do not want the names posted here. What I do want is some ideas on how you would deal with a situation such as this. Thanks sports fans.


Every now and then i get a little crazy
That's not the way it's supposed to be
Sometimes my vision is a little hazy
I can't tell who i should trust or just who i let trust me (yeah)
People try to say i act a little funny
But that's just a figure of speech to me
They tell me i changed because i got money
But if you were there before then you're still down with me

What about your friends will they stand their ground
Will they let you down again
What about your friends are they gonna be low down
Will they ever be around or will they turn their backs on you

What About Your Friends



At 8/08/2006 2:03 PM, Blogger Akela Talamasca said...

Can't we leave drama in our Real Lives? Or better yet, just fight it out to the death with chopsticks, and the loser gets fed to the wolfie?

At 8/08/2006 3:39 PM, Blogger Erbo Evans said...

I think Akela's solution is a good one. Or perhaps we need to reintroduce the gentlemanly art of the duel into SL for resolving difficulties such as this. For example, these items might be useful for the purpose.

At 8/09/2006 9:36 AM, Blogger Dani said...

Either way I like SL because I get away from drama in RL. To have drama here just pisses me off to no end and I am sorely tempted to tell them both to piss off and mute the both of them. Save the drama for your mama, not me.


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