All In A Days Work.......

Yes, that is right, all work and no plays makes Dani a cranky girl. And today was a lot of work. :-) I started off by showing up for Erbo's set and realizing that even though he was standing in front of me, my friend list said he was offline line. Gotta love updates. I then popped off to Soulmates at 7 p. m. to do a shift hosting. The place was incredibly dead and since I myself was showing up as not being online I could not broadcast in the group IM. Yep really gotta love those updates. After my shift Erbo and I took off for a bit to look at something and pick up the antique desk I wanted. We put that in the office I have in our home and then held an impromptu business meeting. After hammering out some details for the business we hoped to the club to deal with some other issues.
Zues got his promotion and is my admin assistant. Way to go Zues! (I plan on working him to death, LOL).
Of course there had to be some shopping done and the shopping led to IMing Owners to ask about ad space or offer vendor space. So there I go with more work.
After the brief shopping trip, we (Val, Zues and I) returned to the house to discuss Zues's new duties and talk about the expectations that I have for him. Once those rules were laid down I discussed some event issues with Val and we decided that the club would be closed Thursday for revamping and Friday I would Dj and she would DJ. Val will go first with her country event for which I will hide (LOL) and then I would follow up at 8 with my Techno and such.
Finally, Mamba stopped by to talk about his wedding plans and talk a tour of my house which he now wants but can't have. :-) By the way I took the gazebo out of my garden. I couldn't stand looking at it anymore, it was the last place that I saw my brother happy. I will find something else to put there in it's place.
I have got to learn how to actually relax but I fear that if I do I will never be motivated again. Ha ha. C'est la vie, c'est la Dani. Such is life, such is me. See ya in the funny papers.


Like the coldest winter chill
Heaven Beside you...Hell within
Like the coldest winter chill
Heaven beside you...Hell within
Like the coldest winter chill
Put Heaven beside you
Hell within
And you think you have it still, Heaven inside you

So there's problems in your life
That's fucked up
And I'm not blind
I'm just see-through
Super jaded
And out of my mind--

Heaven Beside You
Alice in Chains


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