And Just When Does It Become To Much Fun?

I am guilty of this as I am sure are several others, I spend way too much time in-world. Being a student in online classes I can be afforded this luxury. But I must admit that initially my classes did suffer. I made some changes and everything got better. Why does this happen? What is this hold that SL has on us which causes us to forsake everything for a few more minutes in SL?
My typical day is this:
1.) Wake up (generally around 11 am)
2.) Log in to class or finish homework
3.) Bop around my blog and visit others
4.) Face the inevitable and log into SL
5.) Spend the rest of the day in SL
6.)Log out around 6 am (central)
7.) Attempt to post to blog or just bounce around others
8.) Go to bed (generally between 7-9 am)
And pretty much that is me everyday.
Why is it so enticing? What makes SL such a draw that we want to spend our every waking hour in-world? I do understand that the ability to make friends and communicate with people all over the world is a big draw. The fact that it has a community feel is also a big draw for most people. Along with the ability to be whatever you want to be and do whatever you want to do.
For me the draw is the fact that I am a dreamer and love to plan and design buildings and businesses.
I like the freedom that SL offers and maybe so do others. Maybe that is the draw that SL has, who knows? But whatever it is, it is very addictive.


"Et tu Brute?"
Julius Caeser


What Dreams May Come

I dream of a drama-free existance in SL. Pipe dream, right? It seems like drama lurks around every corner and in every shadow. I have been caught up in so much drama in the past month that it has annoyed me to the point that I don't even know how to respond anymore. I have become cold and distant to those who were involved in the drama and avoid the areas where the drama was centered. I have also discovered that there are several forms of drama, at least in my humble opinion.

He said-she said Drama
This is where the first person (A) involved contacts the second person (B) involved and makes up some bullshit about the third person (C) involved who doesn't realize what the hell is going on. A will contact B with the lies and twisted statements that supposedly came from C, who still is at the moment oblivious to what is going on since this all tends to occur in IM. This leads to a very pissed off B contacting C, who is still oblivious, and tearing them a new asshole. Now C is wondering what the hell is going on and A is sitting back watching the fireworks. This type of drama tends to destroy friendships because B is generally caught in the middle and doesn't know who to believe and C is trying to get the license plate of the Mack truck that just blindsided them. C is also trying to re-evaluate their friendship with A and B because they know one of them is lying but can't tell which one. And A is busy looking for the next victim.

Why Me Drama (AKA As Poor Me Syndrome)
This is where person A will IM person B to talk about how miserable they are and why all this stuff seems to happen to them and them alone. They don't want to take any advice on how to make things better in their lives they just want to piss, moan and be miserable. They will barely get a word in edgewise and they want you to tell them "yeah that really sucks for you" which only provides a new road for them to piss and moan down. They are the rain cloud in your SL day and you really want to tell this person to just go play in traffic but you down. You just sit and listen to them piss and moan and then you feel shitty for the next few hours because they have put a damper on your freaking day. Well you know what they say "Misery loves company," so next time I think I will tell the person to go play in traffic and leave me alone. Then again maybe not.

Buddy Spare A Dime Drama
This is generally perpetrated by newbies with no manners and generally after you point them in the direction of newbie assistance. It normally starts with an IM that says "Hi" and after you respond the next statement you recieve is "Can I borrow X amount of Lindens?" Now the last person to IM like that I told them to go and buy there own. They told me that they did not have a credit card to purchase their own Lindens to which I responded "Well sorry I am not a bank." After that I closed the IM window and went on about my business. But begging newbies are everywhere and not all of them are discreet about their begging. I have seen them in the middle of nightclubs asking people for money and going on about how new they are. Now there are some newbies that I have given Lindens to newbies but this was generally because they were very polite and they did not ask for anything. On top of that they were grateful to recieve the Lindens that they were given.

These are just a few for right how I have some others that will be listed in another post but right now it is Pumpkin Time and I am about to face plant yon keyboard.


"The truth is out there."
Fox Mulder, FBI
The X-Files


A Thousand Years....Maybe More, Then Again Maybe Not

I generally tend to blog what occurs in my day to day SL life but lately I have been pondering random things. Things like friendships and relationships and the like.
I recently had someone ask me about my relationship with Erbo and whether or not it carried into RL. When I told them "No", they began to wonder how it was possible to do so. I explained to them that both Erbo and myself are happily married in RL and what occurred in SL stayed in SL. While it may seem impossible to some people it is something as I discovered later, occurs a lot more often than most people think. I have since run into another couple that have the same type of relationship that Erbo and I have, one that exists only in SL.
I think for this type of relationship to work both parties have to open and honest with each other and set ground rules about the relationship. Doing this prevents hurt feelings and ruined friendships in the future. It also prevents on person from taking the relationship too far and becoming psycho stalker type when they decide the want something more. This way they know in the beginning that there will never be anything more than friendship. It also gives you an idea of how far you want your AVs' relationship to progress and whether you want to have a full-blown RL type relationship or just play the field. It allows much more freedom for the character and the progression in the natural order of things and it also makes for better roleplay of the characters.
In my humble opinion I think that because Erbo and I had this talk it has been a lot easier to let out AVs have a more normal life and follow a natural progression in their relationship. The roleplaying between them seems more natural and not forced because we are not trying to figure out where things stand between us. I am not trying to figure out whether or not he has fallen for me in RL and the same goes with him about me. We both know that is not true and that we are comfortable with our real lives and that nothing in our SL relationship is ever going to transfer into our real lives. None of the psycho stalker bullshit is going to happen here. For us, that works and makes for a happy SL life plus it keeps us friends in RL and that is good too.

Now I am not jaded enough to believe that people do not fall in love over the internet, they do. And while that always does not work out for both parties sometimes it does. For the most part, in my humble opinion, I think that it occurs because ground rules were not set in the beginning of the relationship and either one or both parties took the relationship over into real life. It seems to me that while one person is busy falling in love the other person is busy playing the game. Without prior communication between the two parties someone is bound to get hurt in the future. A friend mentioned a person that he had and online relationship with who turned into psycho stalker chick when he explained to her that he was not interested in something happening between them in RL. She showed up outside his RL home and he had to call the cops. Not good, but this can occur when people don't discuss the ins and outs of what can happen in an online relationships. By not first confirming exactly where both parties want the relationship to go and whether or not they want it to bleed over into RL, both parties are setting themselves up for a bad situation if one of the parties turns out to be married in RL.
Another thing that people tend to forget is that some people are just portraying a character and might not be revealing all of their true self. In RL there is the possibility that the person you met in SL who is always the wonderful gentleman and very handsome could really be a female portraying a male character or the girl of your dreams could really be a man. These are all possibilities that come with falling in love online. What you find in SL might not be what you get in RL and that too can lead to heartache and pain as well as the destruction of what might have been a very good friendship. In all relationships I think that communication is key and that both parties should figure out where they want the relationship and look deep before they leap into anything.

But, this is all just my observations and opinions after talking to some people that I have met in SL. Others may have different views and that is quite alright, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Right?


Yes, I am alone but then again I always was
As far back as I can tell I think maybe it's because
Because you were never really real to begin with
I just made you up to hurt myself
I just made you up to hurt myself
Yeah, and I just made you up to hurt myself
I just made you up to hurt myself
Yeah, and I made you up to hurt myself
And it worked yes it did
There is no you, there is only me
There is no you, there is only me
There is no fucking you, there is only me
There is no fucking you, there is only me

Nine Inch Nails


Are You Pondering What I Am Pondering?

In creating my post it got me to thinking about some of the other things about people that define them and make you either like them or want to figuratively kill them.
I for one have discovered that some people in SL, again like RL, can be petty and jealous and love to cause drama and hurt people. I have had the displeasure of meeting such a person. This person is the type of person that loves to start trouble. They also have this knack for coveting everything that someone has. I have often wondered about people like this and wonders what makes them tick. I find the fact that they will pose as your friend to get close enough to you. Once they are as close as they can get they try to ruin your life.
What can possibly be going through their minds that they think that this is acceptable behavior on their part? How can someone derive such pleasure from causing such pain in others? I realize that asking questions like this is akin to asking the meaning of life or something, but these are the thoughts that go through my mind when I meet a person like that and find out what they really are.
Call me naive but it amazes me that some people can be that blatantly conniving as to try to destroy friendships and ruin lives just because you have something that they want. I recently had this happen to me and the thought that a person could be that backstabby and yet still smile in your face and pretend to be your friend is just a mystery to me. I find that meeting people like that only encourages my distrust in humanity as a whole.
It appears that I must have been raised in another world or something because most of the people I meet that display these traits are my age or were raised by someone my age. What are these parents teaching their children? Since when were ethichs and morals thrown out the window? Why is it right to walk all over people and treat them like shit? I realize that I ask eternal questions for which there probably no answers but this is what I wonder when I find that someone I chose to trust has betrayed me.
Yet these people exist and they procreate and raise their children to be just like them. Yeah it bugs me but it is not like I can do anything about it. I can not change a person's personality or make them any better a friend.
These are people that I generally tend to avoid and leave to their own devices. If I discover later in a relationship that this is the type of person they are, I tend to keep them at arms length and slowly cut them out of my life. It is not something I pride myself in doing but someone like that needs to be kept far from me to prevent further damage.
A person like that could never truly be a friend and it pains me to think that they will never truly have friends in their life. If they can never be trusted because they always betray the ones that trust, then I feel sorry for them because they must have one sad and lonely existence.
But that is just me.


I won't stand in your way
Let your hatred grow
And she'll scream
And she'll shout
And she'll pray
And she had a name
Yeah she had a name
And I won't hold you back
Let your anger rise
And we'll fly
And we'll fall
And we'll burn
No one will recall
No one will recall
This is the last time I'll abandon you
And this is the last timeI'll forget you
I wish I could

Stockholm Syndrome


And Then There Are The Times I Should Just Goto Bed....

Instead of catching up on reading some other people's posts. Thanks Triste, I blame you for my lack of sleep. :-D
I will play too.

[A is for age]
None of you darn business, don't you know you never ask a Lady her age. :-)

[B is for booze of choice]
If I have to pick I will chose something that is readily available in the U.S. Since I drink once in a Green Moon my drink of choice is Stolichnya Vodka with orange juice (Stoli Screw)
[C is for career of choice]
Student right now majoring in business.
[D is for your drug of choice]
Caffeine and Nicotine (I'm a die hard smoker)
[E is for one essential item you use everyday]
Compaq Presario V2000
[F is for favorite song at the moment]
Anything Kill Hannah (I cheat LOL)
[G is for favorite game]
Second Life.
[H is for Hometown]
Brooklyn, New York till the day I die.
[I is for instruments you play]
Flute but I prefer to sing
[J is for favorite juice]
Ocean Spray Cranapple (my grandmother's fault)
[K is for kids]
A girl and a boy. The boy is the youngest.
[L is for last hug]
My Hubby.
[M is for marriage?]
December 15, 2004
[N is for nickname]
Trinity or Deacon Frost (depends on whose butt I kicked and how. My sensei is very twisted and my best friend.)
[O is for number of overnight hospital stays]
Two many to list.
[P is for phobias]
People and heights.
[Q is for quote]
I actually have two one from Neitzche "What does not kill you makes you stronger." and one from Highlander "There can only be one." to which I add "And sugar it sure as hell isn't you."
[R is for biggest regret]
At times being born, but we won't go into that here (hey at least I am honest.)
[S is for singing]
Often and once in concert but never in church I would burst into flames if I went there. LOL (it's a joke)
[T is for time you woke up]
You mean I am supposed to sleep?
[U is for underwear]
Wouldn't you like to know? ;-)
[V is for vegetable you love]
[W is for worst habit]
I will admit it is smoking, but good luck trying to get me to quit. Ha ha
[X is for number of x-rays you've got]
See the answer for hospital stays.
[Y is for yummy food you make]
Anything. I love to cook!
[Z is for zodiac sign]
Pisces Feb. 19th I was born on the cusp therefore I am confused. Haha

There you have a sneak peek at the person behind the AV. Enjoy!!

Food For Thought

Well, I read the post on Erbo's blog and while it was profound it also seemed to lead to various viewpoints on what defined each person as an AV. While I am not going to rehash that all here, I am going to add a thought of my own before moving on to other stuff. I think that in going on with the questions of what defines each individual avatar, people fail to realize that even though all they see is the avatar there is a person behind that AV and for all intents and purposes it is that person or a side of their personality that you are getting to know and like or dislike. And while that AV is a representation of themselves, it is this person that you truly do not know. I have run across AVs of many different types and colors but I still have no clue as to what race or creed the person controlling it is, nor do I care. While SL is a community of people it is still a place where you can be what you want to be when you want to be it. What difference should it make it the person who wears black all the time decides to wear blue? It shouldn't because maybe they decided it was time for a change. What should define a person is as true in SL as it is in RL and that is Their Actions. If that person is a jerk in black then they will be a jerk in blue but if the that person is a wonderful person in black then they will continue to be the same person no matter what they wear. I think that some people need to look past the AV and see the person behind it. I have been fortunate to make friends with several people who have done just that. To this day I have no idea what any of them save for one or two look like and it just isn't that important to me to find out. I don't care if they are the hottest thing this side of sliced bread or butt fucking ugly, that is not what's important to me. What is important though is actions and how they treat people and expect to be treated. I say all that to say this, it is ultimately their actions that define who they are and what they mean to me. I step off my soap box now and move on to other things.

I razzed the house yet again, this time so that I could fit a particular living room set in it. I have to have matching furniture and since I texture the walls first when I find something that matches I expect to be able to fit it. Call me a perfectionist but damn it I want it to match. :-)
Erbo and I pulled a shift at Soulmates tonight to replace the scheduled DJ and host. It was pretty packed which started off as fun for me since I was the DJ. But it soon became apparent that even though the place was packed every one save for a few people were tightwads. They refused to tip! Which I must say is a bad thing at Soulmates since the tips you make is what you are paid period. Soulmates does not pay their employees, it is stictly a tip based business and if you don't make any tips you don't get paid. It totally sucks but that is the way it is and that is not even the bad part of the evening. The bad part is the attack that occurred about 15 minutes before we ended the shift. These two jackasses decide to be immature bastards and ruin everyone's good time. What the hell causes people to act like freaking jerks is beyond me but it totally pissed me off. And since no one was there to ban these jack offs they totally got away with it. And by the time they left the club was totally dead because no one wanted to risk getting orbitted again. I can't say that I blame them.
Anyhoo, since I am about to face plant the keyboard, I shall end this post.
See ya in the funny papers.


**You're keeping in step
In the line
Got your chin held high and you feel just fine
Because you do
What you're told
But inside your heart it is black and it's hollow and it's cold
Just how deep do you believe?
Will you bite the hand that feed?
Will you chew until it bleeds?
Can you get up off your knees?
Are you brave enough to see?
Do you want to change it?**

The Hand That Feeds
Nine Inch Nails


You Oughtta Be In Pictures.....

It appears that I am developing the nack for being in the right place at the right time or something. I popped into the Ahern Welcome Center the other night for lack of anything better to do since this was after Erbo had left for the evening and I was bored or maybe it was that morning. Anyway that is neither here nor there. I just tp in and while everything is rezzing, I recieve a IM asking me to play the bride in a Machima movie. At first I think it is a joke and ask "What's in it for me?" but she (Galatea Shi) has and answer for me and every question I throw at her comes back with a valid answer. So once I have established that it is not a porn and not a joke I am like why the hell not? I tell her ok and she is cool. So I had to be at location at 1 pm SLT today.
Thus begins the Comedy of Errors. First the vid guy does not show and Galatea has to scramble for a replacement (thank you Susi Spicoli). Then the original dress that they wanted to film in is totally gone and we have to hunt to find a suitable replacement (got an awesome one from Rebel Hope Designs and it will be available for resale in Don't Panic! Designs). But once that is all taken care of we get down to brass tacks and start filming and thankfully that goes relatively smoothly.
I will post the finish product here as soon as Galatea makes it available from her web program.
All in all I am having a blast, since I am typing this in between takes. LOL
See ya in the funny papers.


I Believe I Have Answered My Own Question :-)

Well as promised, I am posting some picturesI took of the new store. I am having a blast with it and with finding new things to put into it. Happiness abounded when I recieved a visit from My Most Favorite Wolfie!
I am always thrilled when I get a few moments to spend with him and I was supposed to go watch Building Shelter with him but alas I was foiled by lag again. Stupid Lag.
Anyhoo, things are progressing nicely and I believe that the Lovely Blue Skye has met a nice person that she has been keeping time with recently. I know who because I had a hand in it and let's just say that it is wonderful to see Skye and this person happy. Only bad thing is the mystery man won't stop bending my ear about everything Skye. :-D Seriously folks, it is lovely to see some joy flowing and I am truly happy for the both of them. (Good things come to those who wait)
On another note, I made a few drastic changes to our house on the beach in an effort to gain prims to put in the nursery that will be need soon. One who suffers from lack of sleep should never go shopping with someone who just came into a large sum of money, it gets you in trouble. Hence Val had a ton of money on her and I am sleepy, thus easily swayed and now the house has suffered drastically for it. :-) Sorry Erbo. Another good thing to remember is that the sleep deprived should NEVER decorate. I thought I was ticky about item placement when I have had sleep, tonight I realized that I am ten times worse when I have not had sleep. And I am forgetful (Damn rezz foo).
Well that is the summary of most stuff. Details will follow when I am not about to face plant the keyboard. :-)
See ya in the funny papers.


No quote tonight, brain shut down a couple of hours ago when I had a good one. LOL


Can Anyone Be Any Happier?

I am happy. The store is doing good. It has gotten a lot more traffic in it since the move and now that I have upgraded to the JEVN vendors the displays look a lot more professional. I have installed a welcome sign, a lotto ball, a raffle ball and a greeter bott named Marvin. Joey popped in today and says that things are shaping up nicely and a visit from Torley a couple of days ago seems to hold a good omen or something. I keep forgetting to take a picture of the store to post here but I promise to do so soon. I also put a arch, love chair, barbeque, bench, fountain and wheel barrow out the door that leads to the ocean. So a nice little romantic area to sit and watch the sunset.
Oh the home front, Erbo and I spent a couple of hours testing out our new sound for Soulmates. We DJ/Host our first events there tomorrow and wanted to make sure that we sounded good. I am DJ Dani California now and I think it will be fun. I have always like working at Soulmates. Eye and Linda go out of their way to make sure their employees feel like family and that is so cool.
Other than that things are going rather nicely for us and that is just so freaking cool. There was a little drama but the mute button put a stop to that real quick. Ever since then it has been quite peaceful and calm.
See ya in the funny papers.


Update to the Update

OMG they actually fixed my internet!! I have not crashed and I was on all night. Well I did crash but that was ye old favorite "This sim is shutting down..." LL crash. Well I can only say "too little too late Comcast", seeing as how everything will be switched over on the 24th. I still am baffled as to why it took over 4 months to fix the problem and according to my hubby, the tech that was here this morning was baffled by it as well.
Well when Comcast moved into our area they downsized the staff and outsource the techs. Well Comcast you get what you pay for and you paid for shitty ass tech support.
Other than that things are going swimmingly.

See ya in the funny papers.

"What does not kill you
Makes you stronger."
Frederich Neitzche


Internet Update

So Comcast came out to fix the internet only to discover (gasp) that the problem is wholly on their end and that they have to get a line tech out here because the line from the company to my home is defective. IT TAKES THEN FOUR MONTHS TO TELL ME SOMETHING I TOLD THEM FOUR FUCKING MONTHS AGO!!!! Ok so now I have to wait another 24 to 72 hours for them to completely fix the problem but they "understand that it is a critical issue and will do their best to have it fixed soon". Yeah, whatever. Any way I am not holding my breath and I am counting the days (3) until A T & T gets the DSL up and running. I am four miles away from the DSL home office and therefore my signal and service will be true customer service and not this Comcast lip service that I have been recieving. Right now I could not care if I moved to Alaska and Comcast was the only provider for internet. I would go to Sprint and buy their internet card and pay $98 a month rather that put up with Comcast's lack of service ever again. They have permanantly lost a customer and if anyone asks me to recommend a company it won't be them.

Here's to waiting for reliable service. :-)


**Science Fiction is the improbable made possible
Fantasy is the impossible made probable.**
Rod Serling
The Twilight Zone "The Fugitive" episode


The Ramblings of a Person Who Needs Sleep...

Pet Peeve:
People who start blogs and never update them. Why bother starting the blog in the first place? Give it to someone who will actually do something with it!! I hate popping into a blog and it is the same post that was there two weeks ago!! I have other things I can do with my 30 seconds than wait for the page to load and see something that I already saw when it was first posted. Update your blog!!!! (You know who you are.)

New News:
Don't Panic! has fled Seopophang and moved into a nice waterfront property in South Sunset. It has also morphed into Don't Panic! Designs and now features a photography studio. I am still looking for vendors since I know have a ton of space to fill (starting prims 1311, after placement of new store over 900). I have been very fortunate lately and the store was given to me by my neighbor Joey, who makes prefab buildings. Erbo keeps asking me how I do it and I keep telling him, "I married Superman! I can do anything!" Hee hee. Honestly, I have no idea how I come across things like that but don't tell anyone. LOL On top of scoring on hell of a store, Joey also gave us one hell of a house for the new property that is also on the waterfront and is to be our new home. Yes, we are now renting but guess what, it's more room and NO TIER!! The land has over 500 prims (knocked down to over 200 after placement of the house) but it is one hell of a view. And since I originally wanted waterfront property to be able to watch the sun set in the ocean, it is so worth the reasonable rent. So what if I lose a garden, I gain an ocean at the end of a sim.
So you know what? Things are are going pretty freaking good. I am happy!!

Now I am going to pass out and get some sleep before face meets keyboard, hehe.


**I study nuclear science, I love my classes
I got a crazy teacher, he wears dark glasses
Things are going great and they're are only getting better
I'm doing alright, getting good grades
My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades
I've got a job waiting for my graduation
Fifty thou a year--buys a lot of beer
Things are going great and they're are only getting better
I'm doing alright, getting good grades
My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades**
Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades
Timbuk 3