And I Don't Want to Miss a Thing....

Well Comcast just left and I am now on my third modem. While I love the speed of cable internet, I am seriously considering reverting back to DSL. But my pride and my nerdiness won't let me. That and the thought of trying to run SL on DSL seems rather primed for several hours of cursing. So instead I make plans to take down the evil empire of Comcast, mwahahahaha.

Well, for the first 3 nights of its existence, The Cutlass Club seems to be holding it's on but I don't think that the four hour single event format is catching on. I think that people have gotten used to the 2 hour events and come to the club expecting to be able to party for 2 hours and take off. So, me thinks that we are going to have to rethinks that.
I believe we will eventually go to the 2 events a night scheme of things though. I do however, like having a live DJ 3 nights a week and I think the same DJ could work both events since it still is 4 hours either way. Hell as long as I remember not to attempt singing Bohemian Rhapsody with sour cream and onion potato chips in my mouth (don't ask please) I would not be to remiss to djing the 4 hour shift. My problem lies in coming up with events to have and since our club website is currently down trying to create schedules and keep up with employees is damn near impossible. Our dancer and host base has expanded a lot faster than I had expected and with no website, there can be no mass schedule mailings. I knew that it was going down but let's just say I did not expect to miss it this much. Note to self: Don't not the website. When it goes down you will miss it. :-)
Other than those minor things, I believe that things are moving along pretty well. But that is what the first couple of weeks of an opening are for, glitch detection.

And just when you thought it was safe to read on...........the rant has cometh.
I am djing last night and this young girl came in. First words out of her mouth was "Can anyone give me some money?" So after Erbo gives her some money and tells her to stop asking, not five minutes later this dizzy broad is asking again. So I tell her that she has worked on her first warning. Five minutes later she asks again and I tell her that she doesn't want to me to get to three. She the brilliant young lady starts pestering Erbo about a job and he directs her to my with explicit instructions to wait until after I finish spinning. This brainchild of the twenty first century starts calling my name!! I finally reach the extent of my patience and make my intentions very clear when I tell her "BYE!!" I didn't hear anything else from her after that.
My thing is, how hard is it to follow simple directions like "Leave the DJ alone until after the event"? WHAT FREAKING PLANET DID YOU BEAM DOWN FROM AND WHY DON'T YOU BEAM BACK?!?!?!?!?! I mean I learned the true meaning of patience last night dealing with this ray of sunshine. I must say she was rather dense for the most part until I made it crystal clear to her that I was about to eject her butt. My final words to her would be "Honey your are a wonderful example of what happens when oxygen doesn't reach your brain, GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC!!!!

Well I am rather bummed a bit and I am not to sure as to why. I think it might have to do with being tired since this was opening week. I dunno but I am sure that I will pull out of it eventually. Same bat time, same bat channel.


"Who drives our tanks? Black people. Why?
What is a tank but a sophisticated machine that
does drive-bys."
Carlos Mencia
from The Mind of Mencia ep.108


At 7/24/2006 11:14 AM, Anonymous Erbo Evans said...

I think the 4-hour event thing is basically due to the fact that we're still shaking things down. Moving to a 2-hour event format would be preferable, to be "compatible" with other clubs. It would also make event posting easier, as, for some reason, the maximum event duration you can post on SL's Events page is 3 hours (!).


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